Bowling Organizations

The United States Bowling Congress is the sanctioning body for the bowling game of American Ten Pins. It is an organization made up of a voluntary member body that pays an annual fee to support united bowling activities including, but not limited to, national, state and city bowling tournaments, maintenance and development of equipment standards and playing rules, certification of bowling lanes that meet USBC standards, certification of bowling equipment that meets USBC standards, maintaining bowling coaching and development programs including collegiate and youth bowling.

The Bowling Proprietors Association of America is a voluntary united member body serving the owners, managers and other people interested in games of bowling as recreation and amusement.

The Professional Bowlers Association is a performance qualified member organization offering high performance American Ten Pin bowling tournament competitions.

World Bowling was formerly known as The International Bowling Federation. The Federation Internationale des Quilleurs (FIQ) was founded in 1952 to foster worldwide interest in amateur tenpin and ninepin bowling.

The Canadian Tenpin Federation is an organization serving the game of bowling in Canada.

Tenpin Bowling Australia is an organization serving the game of bowling in Australia and the Pacific Rim.

Malaysian Tenpin Bowling Congress is an organization serving the game of bowling in Malaysia and the Pacific Rim.

International Bowling Media Association (formerly BWAA) is a member organization serving news and media producers for the sport of bowling.

International Bowling Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame is located on the International Bowling Campus in Arlington, Texas

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