Bowling Etiquette

The player on the lane to the immediate right has the privilege to bowl first and the player on the left may already be at the foul line. Don't try to be first, but take your turn, wait for the player on your right to begin their return to the ball rack after their delivery before you step on the approach.

When you are ready to pick your ball off the return rack, be conscience of the players on the approach, if they are setting up for a shot, do not disturb them, wait until they have started their approach steps before picking your ball up.

Confine your bowling to your own lane, don't cross in front of other bowlers. Be enthusiastic though, bowling is fun!

Bowl ready. Bowling has a rhythm, be prepared to take your turn without unnecessary delay. If you need to leave the bowlers pit area, try to do it when you won't disturb the bowling rythm. When it is your turn to bowl, do not step on the approach until you are ready to aim and roll the ball without a long evaluation of what you are trying to do. Do all of your preshot routine before you step on the approach.

Show respect to the other players whether they are your teammates, opponents or the players bowling on the lanes on either side of you. Be considerate of the other players and remember that bowling is the original social network, so bowl friendly. It is customary to introduce yourself to the other players and wish them to "bowl good!".Competition should be healthy and not hateful or spiteful. SMILE if you are going to kick their butt.

Observe the foul line, even in casual play and do not cross it. If you happen to step across the foul line, do not track oil back to the main approach area; walk around the main approach lines on the way back to the pit.

If you have more than one ball in play during a game such as a plastic spare ball, keep it under the main return rack or in another location to make room for other players equipment and returning balls. Equipment can get crowded on the rack, so be aware.

Keep the bowling pit clean, food and drink material on the floors creates a health hazard on the lanes. Use the trash cans and keep your empties clear.

If you are following player groups that are still actively bowling, stay clear of the bowling pit areas and wait for them to gather their equipment and other items together and leave before you descend upon them. Put your bags and equipment in a place that other players do not have to step over it to reach the bowlng pits and approaches

As a courtesy to other players, never bowl in street shoes. They can leave rubber or other materials on the approaches and create a health hazard.

Never put your thumb or fingers in a ball without permission from its owner.

Don't swear or use bad language, it is a family sport and we want families to come so we can grow new bowlers.

Don't complain about lane conditions, instead play, learn and conquer.

It is not courteous to coach other people without thier invitation. If you need help with something in your own game, just ask, bowlers will tell you what they think they know. Take the advice you get with a "grain of salt".

Keep your children under control and do not allow them to disturb the other players.

Do not put any foreign substances on the floor, on the approaches or on your shoes. Talcum powder, and EZ Slide are not allowed by USBC rule.

Print and distribute this document to your league or open bowlers that need it, or save it to your phone or tablet.

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© 2012, American Ten Pins, Dallas, Texas. All Rights Reserved.